West Custer County Hospital District

The West Custer County Hospital District (WCCHD) is elected by the taxpayers of Custer County and accountable for assuring the delivery of high-quality healthcare and compassionate medical services to residents, visitors, employers, and workers in Custer County, Colorado.

The Board is committed to strengthening and expanding the range of services at the Custer County Health Center, as well as advancing the availability and quality of care, services, and equipment deployed by Custer County Emergency Medical Services.  As a tax-supported and committed local agency, WCCHD supports a vibrant work environment for all employees to attract the best healthcare professionals for every single job and assure optimal care for everyone in Custer County.

Custer County Health Center

Serving Westcliffe and the surrounding region of Colorado’s Wet Mountain Valley. Providing primary care, laboratory testing, basic x-rays and physical therapy services.

Custer County EMS

Providing emergency medical services (911 services) including ambulance transportation to local hospitals located in Salida, Canon City, and Pueblo.

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